Sep 1, 2011

COMMUNITY Gets Goodman-tastic

It's been a lonely summer on TV.  If not for Louie and Wilfred, I literally don't think I would have watched broadcast television at all in the last three months.  But behold, new episodes of Community are at hand!  If you're not watching this show yet, you really must start now.  It is without a doubt the funniest show on network television, with an insane energy and an absurdist streak about five miles wide.

And if that's not enough to entice you, John Goodman is coming to play!

Goodman joins the cast for at least six episodes as the Vice Dean in charge of Greendale Community College's world renowned Air Conditioner Repair School.  While Chevy Chase made a nice scheming foil for the group last season, I love the idea of Goodman as a Big Bad, someone who brings both a physical intimidation and a psychological menace to the table.  Plus what looks to be a no-holds-barred musical attack on Glee?

Bring it on.

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