Aug 8, 2011

World War II In Technicolor

It's been a rough couple of weeks for America.  Congressional Republicans held the economy hostage (and now it's suffering from a little PTSD), all our boats and planes are broken, we have to pay Russia to put men in space and we lost a heartbreaking Women's World Cup final.  Top it all off with the most devastating single loss in the ten year history of our misadventures in Afghanistan and Americans can hardly be blamed for feeling a little down in the dumps.

So here's a little patriotic inspiration to start your week off right.  In Focus is in the midst of a great 20 part photo series on World War II, presenting a cache of pictures from different areas of the war every Sunday until Halloween.  Yesterday's entry features selections from some 1,600 color photos from the Office of War Information.  While many of the pictures are staged, it's fascinating simply to see images of the people and instruments of that era in true color.  As the cherry on top, each picture is accompanied by it's original (often hilarious) caption from the OWI.

Check out the rest of the photos or, if you've got a little time to kill, check out the other seven installments in the series.

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