Aug 2, 2011


Francis Ford Coppola is film royalty.  The man dropped off the radar for more than a couple of years but he's in the midst of a resurgence that's been fascinating to watch.  His recent work has been small scale and very personal, and despite being in his 70s, he's still very experimental with both his storytelling and his production style.

His next is called Twixt and it's downright fascinating.  It played at Comic Con to in a shall we say "intimate" setting and the panel was apparently highly entertaining.  No surprise considering the movie stars Val Kilmer and centers around vampires.  Coppola's also playing with 3D here, utilizing the technique for certain sequences throughout the film with old school prompts for the audience to don their glasses.  (Sidenote: Are we really gonna get 3D movies from both Coppola and Scorcese within a year?  I can't wait to see what these guys can do with it.)

The really interesting element here though is the way the film's actually being presented.  Coppola wants to bring the feel of a live concert to the cineplex, and therefore he'll actually be traveling with the film and doing a sort of live mix in the theater, where he can let a take run longer or shorter, or I suppose even choose to use an alternate take.  Thus the movie is literally different at every showing.  It's a fascinating idea and one I'd love to experience regardless of the filmmaker.  The fact that it's a living legend makes it all the more compelling.

Check out the trailer for Twixt below.  I feel like I could watch Kilmer brainstorming in front of a laptop for hours.  I'm excited to see what Elle Fanning can do after her incredible work in Super 8.  Also, Bruce Dern.

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