Aug 3, 2011

Daily Planet Has Its "Chief" and Cavill Has Super Hair!

This morning we've got two nice developments on Zack Snyder's impending Superman movie Man Of Steel.  First and foremost, the cast list continues to impress with the addition of Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, the infamous editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet.  While legions of idiotic fanboys will bitch about the fact the Perry White as always been, well, white, I'm pretty jazzed with the choice.  There's no disputing Fishburne's chops as an actor and he's certainly got the whole "sage mentor" thing nailed down post-Matrix.  Besides, while White is certainly a staple character in the Superman mythology, he and Jimmy Olsen are essentially one step up from comic relief, rarely playing an active or crucial role in any plot proceedings.  That being said, casting Fishburne at least feels a little more vibrant than the somewhat serene Frank Langella in Superman Returns.  (Nothing against Langella, it was an interesting and different portrayal of a character which is usually typified by a lot of bluster.)

Secondly Moviehole's got some pictures of the newest Clark Kent/Superman, Henry Cavill.  It should be noted that these are not set pictures and he's not in character.  (He's just walking around Comic Con promoting Immortals.)  But he does have his hair more or less dyed, cut and styled for Superman, complete with the iconic forehead curl.  I have to admit, he looks much better here than he does in all the Immortals trailers.

I've always had a soft spot for Superman, as the original Donner film was one of very few films I remember my dad showing me as a child and saying. "This is a great movie, you should watch it."  (For the record, *Batteries Not Included is also on that list.)  I've also spent most of the summer powering through Smallville and now that I'm passing the halfway mark we're really starting to get into more of the classic mythology and the larger DC universe.  So suffice it to say, I'm more than ready for another Superman movie.  But as great as the cast looks and as much as I want to love it, I'm trying to temper my expectations till we at least see some footage, especially in light of some less-than-favorable reports regarding the quality of the script.  Here's hoping.

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