Jul 20, 2011

Web Clip Round Up!

You can certainly expect to see some amusing web videos here at the Ansible, but my name is not Daniel Tosh, so I don't want every other article here to be "LOOK AT THE VIDEO IT'S SO FUNNY!!"  So I'm gonna try and group a few together every few days or so and serve them up buffet style.  Enjoy.

The Wire via iCarly.

I find this clip doubly amusing if only for the image of someone sitting these two kids down to watch the original scene almost surely out of context, just so they can imitate it properly.  If you're a fan of The Wire and you've watched the whole series, this moment is instantly recognizable.  If you haven't seen The Wire, then I pity your existence.

Childrearing Gone Awesome!

I'm gonna take a leap of faith in humanity and choose to believe that this kid just picked that up somehow from repeated viewings and started saying it on his own, at which point his parents decided to catch it on film. That being said, it's somewhat hard to believe that considering there's a later clip of the same kid doing it again in a stroller and the parents plotting to teach him how to say it with the proper inflection.

Grover Plays Flute With The Beastie Boys

Sesame Street breaks it down from Wonderful Creative on Vimeo.

Not only is Sure Shot a massively underrated track, but the use of Grover's band here is nothing short of brilliant.  And kudos to the editor for spending the time to find clips where the characters mouth movements actually look like the words we're hearing.

Fallon & Timberlake - History Of Rap, Part 2

I feel like they were running out of tracks to use here, but the energy and commitment on display here is entertaining as hell.  There's a reason why something as dumb as The Barry Gibb Talk Show was actually funny for a time.  These two have great chemistry and I think I would actually dig watching them in a proper buddy comedy.  Either way, this is the perfect clip to get you through a Wednesday.


  1. I haven't seen the Wire and you're stuck with my existence, jerk.

  2. Also, I can't re-watch the Ackbar video right now, but I'm almost certain that they flat out say at some point that they've been working on teaching him this for a while. That sort of "what does the dog say? Ruff ruff" call and response is just learned through repetition.