Jul 25, 2011

TRAILER OF THE DAY! Knights Of Badassdom

One of my biggest regrets when I left Los Angeles was living there for five years and never making the pilgrimage to the epic-ness that is San Diego Comic Con.  I say "pilgrimage" because the place is basically geek-Mecca.  Filled with the faithful devotees of every comic book and movie property under the sun, Comic Con is three days of parties, panels and promotions for whatever big fanboy properties the studios have coming this year.  The "Comic" in Comic Con is almost purely vestigal at this point; while this past weekend's adventure featured panels on the upcoming Spider-Man and Ghost Rider movies, it also featured movies like Fright Night and Total Recall, stuff which is not comic book related, but appeals to the same audience.

By all accounts, one of the best panels of the weekend was for one of those sort of outlier projects, a little flick called Knights Of Badassdom.  While the movie has yet to find distribution, watching the trailer below makes me think that won't be a problem for long.

I think that trailer pretty much proves that with the right cast, any B-movie concept can actually play above expectations.  I sort of love the tone, almost like the LARPing scenes from Role Models by way of Evil Dead.  The Dink looks like he's absolutely killing it here, and you'd be hard pressed to keep me away from anything featuring Danny Pudi at this point.  (Pudi's Abed on Community is easily the funniest character on network television.  Don't even talk to me about Modern Family, which is just a better executed version of Full House.)  Steve Zahn and Summer Glau are just icing on the cake.  There's also something kind of great about the idea of Ryan Kwanten being tied up, thrown in a van, and then being forced into live-action role playing.

Having recently seen some photos of my own one time experience with LARPing, (I recall being a very spastic skeleton at one point) I'm more than willing to give this one a chance.

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