Jun 30, 2011

Welcome To The Ansible!

Once upon a time, when I was a summer intern with a little too much free time on my hands, I started a little web experiment.  I was spending quite a bit of my time reading movie websites and, being the articulate, opinionated, outspoken (and humble!) guy that I am, I felt I had a lot to say about what was going on in movie-world.  I quickly found that I absolutely LOVED my little blog.  I'd spend the morning gathering interesting stories, trailers, and project developments and spend the afternoon expounding on whatever struck a personal chord.  The only frustrating element was the inescapable feeling that I was shouting into the online void...  

I knew of a few friends who would occasionally click over to read my ramblings, but there was really no good way to get the word out to lots of people without sending out an annoying and sure-to-be-ignored email.  I'd love to say this was before the advent of Facebook, but really it was just before I saw the value of Facebook.  (To be fair, at the time it was little more than a better looking version of Friendster, and the name "Facebook" seemed to be firmly rooted in and marketed to college students.  Seeing as I had just graduated, there seemed little point in getting myself involved.  Obviously I was way off on that one.)

In the modern age of social networking, we all have a built-in online audience of everyone we've ever been friends with, taken a college class with, or tried to pick up in a bar.  Like it or not, with every status update, every photo posted, and every link shared we are literally performing for our family and friends (and sometimes friends of friends, depending on your privacy settings).

Thus, little over six years since my first steps into the world of "blogging," (a term which died as the activity itself became more ubiquitous) I find myself with a bit of free time and in desperate need of a creative outlet.  While this place will most assuredly lean toward the goings on of the entertainment world (minus all the gossipy bullshit) you can expect to see a fair amount of content rooted in technology, music, politics, sports and whatever else seems relevant and worth sharing.  (For example, the site's title comes from the Ender's Game novels, but the (current) color scheme is a shout-out to my Stanley Cup Champion Bruins.) I'm also hoping to bring in some guest writers and a few other voices as well.  And, as with all things online, you can expect to see the site itself grow and evolve a fair amount in the next few months as it finds its way in the cacophony that is the interwebs.

So go ahead and bookmark this site, add it to your feed reader, or just click the subscribe button to the right. If you keep reading, I'll keep writing.  

Oh yeah, and feel free to tell your friends.

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  1. (Picture me pushing up my glasses and reading this in a nerd voice) Actually, the "ansible" is older than Ender's Game. It was invented by Ursula K. LeGuin, but it was such a handy item that many other authors used it, keeping the original name to honor LeGuin.

    Otherwise, looks like a fun blog, and I know what you mean about "in desperate need of a creative outlet."